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The licensee also holds the trademark rights to the licensee`s products; However, the purpose of this contract is not a trademark license and nothing in these terms of use implies the existence or creation of a trademark licensing agreement. Depending on the resources used to produce the video, its intended use, the type of content, and the usual supply and demand laws, the price of the video license can vary enormously. A single price guide is not possible, as a large number of variables can influence the price. The same content can be allowed for different uses for different costs in different regions. Frequent variables are the format of delivery (SD, HD, 4K video), the target audience (local, national, regional, global), the intended use (commercial, non-commercial, educational, charitable …) and the duration of the license (1, 2, 5 10 years or unlimited). A license is an agreement between the owner of the copyright of a video (it may be the author and/or the company that financed its production) and another user. The license contains the exemption from exclusive ownership for the intended use of video (online, Broadcast, Corporate, Promotion…). The license may be exclusive (for use by an organization during the term of the license) or not (can be used at any time by multiple organizations). Hansgrohe SE (`licensee`) holds the copyright or holds an exclusive copyright license on video/video material (`rights`). As a general rule, in the form of written consent, the third party is authorized by the copyright holder to use the video. The agreement may indicate a price for the license, limiting the use of video in the content and the duration and audience of broadcasting envisaged (national or international television, radio, web, live events, etc.). Accepting a license can be as simple as asking for a click when you sign in to an online hosting service. In other cases, explicit information about the intended use is required and monitored by the stations.

If you would like to speak to a video rights and possession lawyer, Stock Footage license or other legal issues related to video production, contact [email protected] and we can set up a short phone call. If you are a content creator, you can use a Creative Commons license to control the use of your intellectual property. The various options available (below) allow you to determine how and to what extent other users can reuse your original content. If it is not possible to download the film in Nimia to use The Direct Sale feature, you need a standard Stock-Footage license agreement. This is a license agreement by standard stock-footage based on a Pro clip I created for Johnny Friday to use it under circumstances where it can`t download in nimia. Johnny Friday is an underwater cameraman who works with Nat Geo, Discovery Channel and others. The buyer can choose certain add-on licensing conditions in order to support his project scope. This helps the buyer clarify the rights he gets and helps increase the final price you will receive for your stock. Agreement on the terms of the video license in a standard Stock Footage license agreement is required before the content is delivered.

The written contract will help you get paid properly and allow them to bend the legal muscles if things go wrong. This runs counter to the license managed with rights when a license is evaluated on the basis of how the content is used. Rights licenses are generally pursued with various usage restrictions, including duration, regions, image size and more.