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I have noticed that the professional community of dog keepers/hikers is very similar to the hotel industry or the taxi industry – they are fiercely hostile to anyone who enters, who is not a professional. I`m not a professional – I don`t see problem dogs because I know I can`t handle it (and frankly, I don`t want to handle this crap because it`s not my job). But I think I do a good job when I put a leash on a dog and he leaves. I agree. I stopped leaving for Wag! Yesterday, because of all his problems. They are all beautiful on the first, but give it time and if you have application or dog/owner problems, they chew out. Since I moved from the West Coast to the Midwest, I have had a very different experience. My app never worked properly again, and I noticed that some of my clients didn`t have the right dog walking tools, a collar and a leash. Yesterday the dog I went to was nothing like the description. The dog tried to bite someone and on my early return, for which I was in great difficulty w in the phone, I hooked, the type of reception in the building said that the dog was known to be aggressive and inseparable. If the dog had bitten anyone, Wag! I should have taken full responsibility for what is discussed in the training. In training, Wag! made a point to repeat over and over again, “If you feel uncomfortable with the dog`s behavior or you show up and the place is uncomfortable, we don`t want you to walk with the dog.

If you go the dog and the dog has behavioral problems, remove the dog and finish the walk. We take care of our hikers more than our customers.¬†What a load of BS in reality! I have a scar on my wrist and one on my thigh, and I`m very happy that I wasn`t in the door and could hit her, and the dog didn`t come out and was able to catch me in the hallway. All in all, if you recommend Wag, please tell potential hikers that there is a big risk. I did over 300 hikes for LA WAG before I put a shot on it. They were late to return calls, the app wouldn`t be in many areas as I went, the app was going to take me for walks over 100 miles away. I think my biggest complaint was how little flexibility the app has given customers. I like night hikes. I spoke to many clients who wanted me specifically, but who did not have the opportunity to work directly with me during a consensual period. Even under the Walker agreement, when we go to the application, book directly or use application leads for our own independent business, there are big penalties. We are independent contractors, yes, but within the limits they prescribe. Let`s see what they think of the new California law…

Oh, I also wanted to add that I have the impression that a dog owner knows if his dog is fit to be accessible by a beginner walker or not. When I grew up, I had the most aggressive dog of all time, who was on a leash and was terror on a leash. I would never sign them in 1 million years for an application like WAG?. When I grew up, I had the most aggressive dog of all time, who was on a leash and was terror on a leash.