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For those represented on behalf of a company, a reimerable loan agreement (RLA) is signed between UNDP and society. The terms and conditions of the RLA are available at Please visit to see the terms and conditions of the individual contract (IC) (for individuals/Lancer Libre who sign the UNDP contract for themselves). The selection of the best offer of the shortlisted candidates is based on a combined evaluation method that weights qualification and experience with a maximum of 700 points and combines with the prize offer, which is weighted to a maximum of 300 points. Desk Review of Technical Criteria as Evident in the submitted application (500 points) All candidates are first reviewed against the minimum qualification requirements mentioned above. The successful candidates will then be evaluated at a later date according to the following criteria and the shortlisted candidates will be invited to the interviews: the RLA proposals and the prize offers are submitted by: a maximum of 6 candidates who obtain a technical score of at least 490 points during the technical evaluation of the 1-4 criteria are considered for the financial evaluation and are invited to submit a financial proposal. Under the direction of UNOSSC staff and under the direct supervision of the Deputy Director of Program and Operations, the graphic designer will be responsible for all aspects of the design, design, correct reading and creation of files that can be communicated to the press and will ensure that publications comply with UNDP standards. In particular, the Advisor: y – the maximum number of points for the UNDP financial proposal seeks the following experts under the attached reference conditions (TOR): Method: Cumulative analysis method is used to evaluate proposals. Candidates are screened on the basis of the required skills and experience mentioned above and on the basis of the technical assessment criteria listed below. The United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) is responsible for promoting, coordinating and supporting South-South cooperation throughout the United Nations system and around the world. Among its functions, UNOSSC is the Secretary of State to the High Level Committee for South-South Cooperation, the main political decision-making body for South-South cooperation in the United Nations system and as the subsidiary body of the General Assembly.

The High-Level Committee is conducting intergovernmental reviews of progress in implementing the Buenos Aires Action Plan, the new directions for South-South cooperation, the final document of the United Nations High Level Conference on South-South Cooperation and the final document of the second United Nations High Level Conference on South-South Cooperation (BAPA-40).