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The rules for applying stamp duty, if you have to inform HMRC of the transfer of equity and the amount of stamp duty you owe, are subject to many different factors. If you are not sure you have stamp duty for your transfer, it may be helpful to speak to a lawyer who has expertise in this area. If you change a single-name property into one or more common names, the process must be done by a Conveyancer at Andrew And Andrew Solicitors Ltd. This means of transport must verify ownership decisions or a copy of the land registry`s ownership decisions in order to prepare a transfer notice, the preparation of the transfer communication must then be signed by all parties and must be observed for other parties, such as mortgage lenders or secured lenders, and all other third parties who must give written consent to the transfer of the transfer. , must be warned. It is also necessary to register the transcript with the land registry office, not to mention the fact that all client identities are verified, as the law now requires it. It is advisable to seek legal or tax advice before trying a capital transfer, especially if your situation is complex. Professional advice will always make a smooth stock transfer and eliminate any stress for you. There is also a form of capital transfer known as a “gift.” This is a scenario in which no money changes ownership, for example. B, if a parent adds a child to their title and thus gives them a share of the property without having to pay or invest. The transfer of capital is a change in the co-ownership status of a property. You could arrange a capital transfer: don`t worry if you still have questions. The transfer of equity can be a frightening prospect for homeowners.

We are here to relieve any stress or worries you may have. Here are some of the questions we receive most often, but don`t hesitate to contact us if you have more. 5. Notification of the land registry: Finally, the details of the transfer must be forwarded to the land registry. This will involve a fee of between $50 and close to $1,000 – the exact fee depends on the value of the property. The backbone of the process is the TR1 land registry form that needs to be completed. It describes who the current owner (s) (s) is and who will be the new owner (s) – the owner (s) transferred (s). They also need official copies of the title to themselves, as well as complete contractual information on mortgages. – Divorce or separation: if your relationship is broken and you and your partner have a common property, you have to decide what to do with that asset.

Some couples choose to remain co-owners and sell the property, while others might want to remove part of the property, so that the other party can keep the house to live in (often the case when the relationship also concerns the children).