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The first part that we have to define is the contractor. It is the entity whose customer contract is the basis of this paperwork and which intends to engage the subcontractor that we will define later. Use the first space according to the term “. Is Between” to introduce the contractor by typing his full name. You must also indicate the postal address of the contractor by giving his address, city and Land on the three spaces (each) according to the term “. Postal address.¬†However, this paragraph requires the identity of the subcontractor who is hired in the manner defined in that agreement. Enter their full name (first name, central last name, and last name) in the seventh space of this statement. Continue with the identification of this party using the address, place and land of the subcontractor according to the terms “. The next article, which needs information, is called “XXXI. Law in force.¬†“Indicate the name of the state responsible for this agreement and the work done at the vacancy site according to the term “.

under the laws of the State of.¬†Sometimes there may be a misunderstanding or dispute between the contractor and the subcontractor. These documents deal with this scenario in “XIII. Dispute Settlement”. If both parties need to agree to a “mandatory arbitration” procedure to resolve a dispute, select the first control box. If both have to accept a non-binding arbitration procedure, select the second check box. If they need to go through a “mediation” procedure instead, activate the third control box and indicate whether they need to enter “binding arbitration” or “dispute” to settle the case. .