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A variety of software can be included in a lease, in short, there are too many ways to write them! Examples of the types of software we`ve used so far are Microsoft software, server software, inventory management software, construction software, to name a few! Contact us now for more information. There is a technical issue worth mentioning in the context of software financing programs operated through a captive financial firm. If the owner makes a bet to get the software company to end maintenance and support for the software, the owner must verify that the captive actually has the right to cause the software company to end such maintenance and support. When pooling is not feasible or where the achievement of turnover is not critical, programs are often structured with full recourse to the software company. Although the full remedy, such programs can still be more attractive to the software company than a full line of recourse with a bank with negative covenants and financial covenants, which are guaranteed by a lump sum deposit on the assets of the software company. If the CCJ is satisfied and there is a good reason to try the District Court, we will make your case. However, if you have a disgruntled CCJ, we will unfortunately have a hard time getting funding. However, it is often difficult and expensive to keep up with the pace of change in the software market. Although such provisions do not technically prevent a lender from acquiring a safeguard interest in a software licence, the CSD clarifies that the licensee must not acknowledge the interest of the collateral or cooperate in any way with the lender. Our retention rate is extremely high, our latest figures show that more than 80% of customers will use WestWon again, mainly due to our customer service and the range of assets we finance. .

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