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1.2. A “project” can be a brand, a website, graphics, a digital campaign, PPC/SEO/SEM service, animation, video, strategy, advice, advice or other services, which are not limited to: printed material, signage, graphics, writing, content reading, photography, marketing or strategy made available to the customer by the digital agency. First, you need to define the stakeholders, the senior managers, who influence the direction of the relationship at the high level. Second, select an ALS manager for both teams. ALS managers are the center of the ALS wheel. You get buy-in from the team and senior management; Educate so that all parties involved understand the purpose, implications and content of the ALA; They are the diplomatic negotiators to find approaches that benefit both sides, and they ensure constant communication to avoid any surprises. The ALS manager must be able to allocate time to this process, so that you take it into account in your selection and look for ways to delegate some of their responsibilities to another employee during the ALS process. Being an ALS manager is a great opportunity for someone on your team to develop leadership skills, and it allows a younger team member to temporarily assume their responsibilities – two latent benefits of ALS. 10.3. As soon as customers are ready to sign works for production, customers, all files, works of art, renderings, development modes and designs must be authorized in writing (z.B by email) to Lacoudhir Design LTD, after carefully checking if the work in question does not require further modifications.

A key question: Should you accept ALS? What services would you offer under the Agency`s Service Level Agreement (SLA)? SLAs generally refer to 24/7 services, such as web hosting and email hosting, where service times are inconvenient. 1 priorities – redDog understand that it can be difficult to determine the level of priority for your problem. Our team reserves the right to customize support requests from 1 to 3, taking into account new features and time required, the current contract does not include time or type of correction and requires an additional estimate of the effort. The customer must address to [email protected] all requests/support of the website service for general questions, social media support, website issues or change requests. Enter the priority of your request for assistance in the subject of your email. Let`s look at some examples of clauses, particularly with respect to the customer service experience. Creating a customer service ALS can help your agency stand out from the competition and give your team advice on what you expect from it. Lacoudhir Design LTD will exercise all the diligence necessary to select and instruct a third party. However, Lacoudhir Design LTD has no control over the activities of the third party and therefore assumes no responsibility for the services provided to the customer by that third-party supplier, nor for errors or omissions in its work or products.