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Recruitment is usually done over a longer period of time. Sometimes a company will do a hiring tour over a period of a few months, but then it will freeze its hiring capacity for a while. Therefore, if a company is looking for staff, it will publish vacancies in think tanks across the country, as well as in local newspapers. As soon as the company limits the number of candidates to the people they want to talk to, they will begin their interview process. Many companies will order the services of a staff agency to fill vacancies in their offices if they do not have time to carry out the hiring process themselves. The employment contract may be written in another language, but it is realized that this can lead to problems with interpretation. Therefore, we would prefer an employment contract in Dutch or English. This program is aimed at staff specialists and internal advisors responsible for the use of these important agreements. We regularly insert this program into the Advanced Employment Law Boot Camp and are happy to adapt it to the specific needs of our customers. Another advantage of a written employment contract is that the employer can, as a worker, establish certain clauses, such as the probation period.

B, the non-competition clause, notice of dismissal, industrial secrecy, bonus scheme, salary, working time, pension plan, leave, etc. The aim of this seminar is to remove the fear and risk of the hiring process from employers. The program covers the recruitment process from start to finish and includes: Due to the respective laws and regulations of each country, you cannot use the same employment contract in a different language. The employer would be well advised to establish the employment contract under our Dutch law. Otherwise, certain agreements or conditions could be invalidated. This program discusses the differences between an existing reduction and a standard end; If severance pay is required What needs to be included in a compensation agreement and alternatives to job elimination, such as changes in schedules or wage reductions. Layoffs are common due to downsizing, “reducing violence” or “redundancy.” These are not technically classified as fire fires; The laid-off positions are laid off and not reoccupied, either because the company wants to reduce its size or operation, or because it has no economic stability to keep its position. In some cases, a laid-off employee may at some point be offered his or her former job by his or her respective company, although he may have found a new job at that time.