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After the launch of Operation Zarb-e-Azb, violence in Pakistan has decreased considerably. [368] In 2016, the number of deaths from violence was the lowest since the outbreak of violence began in 2007,[369] with the total number of deaths falling by nearly 66% compared to 2014. [369] Acts of terrorism decreased by 75% between 2014 and 2016. [370] According to the South Asian terrorism portal, the number of civilian deaths in terrorist attacks was 3,001 in 2013, while in 2016 the number had fallen to 612[371] – the lowest number since 2005. In November 2016, China announced an additional investment of $8.5 billion in Pakistan, with $4.5 billion to upgrade Pakistan`s main rail line from Karachi to Peshawar, including rail tracks, speed and signage, and $4 billion for an LNG terminal and transmission lines to mitigate energy bottlenecks. [64] In February 2017, the Egyptian ambassador to Pakistan expressed interest in CPEC cooperation. [65] In January 2017, Chief Minister Pervez Khattak of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa said he had received assurances from Chinese investment firms that they would invest up to $20 billion in projects. [66] In March 2017, an agreement was signed on projects that included: a $1.5 billion oil refinery, $2 billion in irrigation projects, a $2 billion highway between Chitral and DI Khan, and $7 billion in hydroelectric projects. [67] The entire motorway project The east orientation is divided into four sections: a 136-kilometre stretch between Karachi and Hyderabad, also known as the M9 motorway, a 345-kilometre stretch between Hyderabad and Sukkur, a 392-kilometre stretch between Sukkur and Multan[107] and a 333-kilometre stretch between Multantan and Lahore through the town of Abdulem. [108] The upgrading of the 487-kilometre stretch between Burhan and Raikot of the Karakorum Highway is officially called Phase 2 of Karakorum in Pakistan. Work is already underway at the southern end of the N-35 for the construction of a 59 km four-lane highway between Burhan and Havelian, officially known as the E-35 highway once completed. [90] North of Havelian, the nearest 66-kilometre road will be turned into a four-lane road between Havelian and Shinkiari.

[92] Longer-term CPEC projects also involve the construction of the 682-kilometre Khunjerab railway line between The city of Havelian and the Khunjerab pass on the Chinese border,[164] with the extension of the Chinese Lanxin train to Kasgarh, Xinjiang. The railway will be roughly parallel to the Karakorum Road and is expected to be completed in 2030. [146] Its powers are extended.