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As with any relationship, partnership takes time. While you may want to work with the customer as quickly as possible, it takes time to get to know the managers and fully understand the needs and procedures of an installation. A longer-term contract allows you to propose leads and help implement how the facility can be operated more sustainably and lower operating costs. A short-term contract can deprive customers of the opportunity to implement your quality improvement proposals and make their processes lighter and cleaner. Cleaning contracts between real estate service providers (BSCs) and large business centres, schools or universities often last two years – sometimes less. There are several reasons why these contracts are so short, but it is largely in the interest of the customer – and the BSC – to agree on a longer cleaning contract. Long-term contracts can provide an agency with the stability it so much needs, especially when you`re just getting started. Contracts should include a “language of assignment” that would be used if the supplier or business were sold, that would require the written agreement of the party that is not sold, and that would create the right to terminate, if necessary, such an assignment. These long-term plans are a must because many great things like SEO and content marketing campaigns take months to prepare and execute properly. If you sign a long-term contract, you need to realize that you are massively committing during your agency`s period to an agreement that may prevent you from signing more clients. .