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Specialized industry advice and resources, including copies of WADA-negotiated industrial agreements (VA) and private practice bulletins, are available on the resource pages. The more member power we have behind us, the more effectively we can defend your rights. Help us improve working conditions in public hospitals by discussing membership with your non-colleagues. The next step is to ensure the full implementation of all agreed outcomes. This requires that the members of each site keep us informed of the progress made. So make sure your colleagues are members. Keep a close eye on your emails to get the most up-to-date information about your company agreement. The AMA (WA) is explicitly designated by the Industrial Relations Act 1979 (AV) as the organization that represents the industrial interests of VA physicians. This will be done once both agreements have been concluded. There are still a number of steps left to complete all the changes. However, salary increases will be paid from the first pay period as of January 1, 2018. Thus, you will be reimbursed until that date.

We expect the agreements to be approved next week. One of our goals was intergovernmental parity. Current agreements between states have wage increases of 2% to 2.5% pa and relatively few changes in terms and conditions of employment. This package puts Victoria better in terms of wages and intergovernmental conditions. No, a number of changes to the conditions applicable to specialists (with the exception of salary increases) are not paid if the specialist already receives an equal or higher condition. This is in recognition of the fact that we are sending unregulated conditions in the technical agreement in order to create protected national conditions. Hospitals are required to pay as soon as the agreements have been approved by the Fair Work Commission. If the vote is concluded, the agreements will be tabled at the end of March.

The approval of the Fair Work Commission is 50% in 3 weeks, 100% in the 12th. AMA Victoria asked the division to authorize payment earlier to minimize administrative delays. Unfortunately, the same principles do not apply to the registration bonus, since the wording of the agreement explicitly states that the bonus is paid to a doctor “subject to the agreement and employed by a health service on 1 January 2018”. The agreement applies to all medical staff employed at the public hospital (paid hourly or weekly) in Victoria. It does not apply to those who are independent contractors (i.e. small rural hospital VMOs) or to doctors who receive a “fee for the service”. We are trying to vote and register both agreements at the end of February. During this period, we must finalize both projects with hospital representatives and the Ministry of Health and Human Services must submit the projects for final government approval.

Once approved, a vote of medical staff is made in accordance with the Fair Work Act. If a majority of doctors vote in favour, the agreements are submitted to the Fair Work Commission for approval. Agreements work after approval. The case was presented at a conference before a new Fair Work Commissioner, Vice-President Young, on Thursday, February 6, at which the parties will brief the Commissioner on the matter and the progress made on issues since the last consultation hearing. The parties will likely try to agree on a timetable for arbitration. Yes, on February 14, 2018, the government approved two agreements, one for young and senior medical staff. These agreements will go to a vote by hospital doctors in March. The problems concerned typos in the team penalty plans of the specialist doctor agreement and the incorrect application of the increases in the shiftwork penalty in the agreement on doctors in training. . . .